Friday, 27 April 2012

My first post

                                     This is my dolls house

This is my house which i hope to fill and enjoy making most of the things for it.

This is my wardrobe that i have tried to make it will be going into one of the bedrooms.I am trying to go for a 5o's look for my house .I have not finished painting it and i havent yet put on the doors ill get there one day :D

  • Heres a few pictures of some of the things that i have started...

 This is for my kitchen for my spices and kitchen roll for all my messy spills..
 This is a sofa that i have started but is nowhere near finished ive to cut it down to size sand it and cover.
 Here is a shelving unit maybe a dreeser or something for the bedroom haven't decided yet

 This is a PICTURE OF MY KITCHEN PAPERED not sure if ill keep it but thats for another day :)
 here is some eggs in a basket made from fimo first time trying it.

 This will be my old fashioned television thats nearly finished
 HEre is my chair i have started making several of them to go with the kitchen table

 Here are a few more items i have tried to make 
i have almost completed  the stove and i also have to fill it in which im looking forward to doing  have to fill it.
I hope you like. I am new to miniatures and blogging and am looking forward to learning from you all. Thank you for taking the time to look xx


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